Upcoming Shows we will be at in 2020

With COVID 19 a lot of our regular conventions have been canceled or are waiting to reschedule. We are currently working on a shop that you can find all your Captain Wells Studios items at. We hope everyone is staying safe and you are in our thoughts!

Omaha Potter Faire | Omaha, NE | August 15-16

Omaha Kaiju Con | Omaha, NE | Sept. 5-6

Fan Con 23 | Lawrence, KS | Sept. 12

Fountain City Mini Con | Kansas City | Dec. 5

The Shop is Up!!! 

Heather and Aaron are in the process of building up this website and consolidating our art websites under the name Captain Wells Studios.  As we work on this, please feel free to check out our individual websites and out Facebook pages.



Heather’s Shop on TeePublic




Captain Wells is an artistic collaboration of Heather Alston and Aaron Shirley.  Heather and Aaron both studied Art at Peru State College and have continued their artistic pursuits together after college, setting up to display art at shows and conventions across the Midwest. They work in a variety of mediums including charcoal, oil paint, watercolors, and acrylic paints. Their current projects include a variety of subject matters ranging from Doctor who and Star Wars to Windmills and Flowers.


*All artwork appearing on this site belong to the artists of Captain Wells Studios and may not be reused for any purpose without the expressed written consent of the artist and Captain Wells Studios.