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An Interview with Andrew of Andrew’s Clay Creations

Over here at Captain Wells Studios we are starting a new series of posts. We are very excited to share with you the many amazing artist that we meet! I had the distinct privilege of getting to talk with Andrew Schmidt of Andrew’s Clay Creations. I met Andrew when I attended my first convention ever! He is not only an amazing artist but just an amazing individual as well! What Follows is our Q&A:

Captain Wells Studios: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your art.

Andrew: I am an artist based in Broken Bow, Ne. I make sculptures out of Polymer Clay, Worbla, and felted wool. I love comic books, video games, super hero movies, and all things involving giant monsters. I love creating monsters and other creatures, either based on ones from pop culture or something from my mind.

CWS: Currently you sculpt from Polymer Clay, Worbla, and felted wool. What is your preferred material to sculpt with and why?

Andrew: I really don’t have a preferred material. If I sculpt with clay for several hours a day it is really hard on my hands, so I have found that if I switch between the different material it gives my hands a much-needed break.

CWS: How long have you been creating?

Andrew: I have been into art my whole life, but I have sculpting regularly for the last 7 years.

CWS: Why/how did you choose to become a sculptor?

Andrew: My decision to make sculptures instead of 2D was mainly because I thought 3D art seemed easier. I don’t necessarily have to worry about shading something, because lighting will do that for me. I don’t have to worry doing foreshortening, because how I position the sculpture will do that for me.

CWS: What’s your motivation when you create?

Andrew: Movies, Comics, and mostly other artists motivate me.

CWS: What are the links to any websites and/or social media you have? I know you are doing many awesome things ! 

Andrew: My main focus right now is my YouTube channel – https://YouTube/users/Andrewsclaycreationsandmore
But I can also be found on Facebook –

CWS: You said you are focusing a lot on your youtube channel right now, so what can a viewer expect to see on your channel?

Andrew: A large variety of content. Right now I have several time-lapse videos of some of my smaller sculptures, Creation Spotlights of some of my other creations, convention videos, and few more informative videos that don’t fit into these categories

CWS: What are you working on? Any cool, new things coming up?

Andrew: Right now I am working on my first cosplay piece out of Worbla. My next big art project I want to try to make is a life size Mer-Man bust also out of Worbla.

CWS: Is there any other material you hope to tackles as a sculpture?

Andrew: I did get a 3D Pen this year, and have only had a little bit of time to mess with it. I certainly would like to create some more things with it.

CWS: How can fans get your work? Do you display anywhere?

Andrew: I do several conventions a year, that I announce on my Facebook page. I also sell my One Eyed Blobs in my Etsy shop here:

Currently I do not display anywhere, but if I do I will let you know.

CWS: Where do you see your art/business in 5 years? What is your goal?

Andrew: I would like to be able to do this full time. I would love to create my own line of monsters.

CWS: Do you have any advice for any artist wanted to get into sculpting?

Andrew: Like anything else you start, it takes practice, and never be afraid to fail. Also, start with something you love. Too many times I have been asked to make a sculpture, and my heart wasn’t in it. Not only did it make the sculpture less fun to create, it also showed in the end result.

Thanks Andrew!

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