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Monthly Challenges

Captain Wells Studios has decided that we need to create more art. I mean we both create art on a regular basis but a lot of that is spent in our respective classrooms teaching. After challenging ourselves in October with the inktober prompts we realized that we really enjoyed the accountability to create. Aaron and I found that inktober really forced us to create. We started talking about how to keep that momentum going through the year and came up with just creating our own challenges.

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Framing on a Dime

Framing art can be costly! When I was in college this didn’t seem to register. I had all the tools that I needed to use free of charge (minus tuition) and all I had to do was purchase my materials. Buying large pieces of wood and using the table saw I was able to frame a lot of my canvases. I was able to use the nail gun and there was even paint that everyone shared. I had to buy very little out of pocket.

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Asani Paint Pens

I recently had the opportunity to test out Asani paint pens. I had high hopes for these paint pens and for the most part they lived up to those hopes. What I have done is given an over all review and then taken the description from their product page on Amazon and added my testing and thoughts on the pens. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking about purchasing these pens!

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