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Monthly Challenges

Captain Wells Studios has decided that we need to create more art. I mean we both create art on a regular basis but a lot of that is spent in our respective classrooms teaching. After challenging ourselves in October with the inktober prompts we realized that we really enjoyed the accountability to create. Aaron and I found that inktober really forced us to create. We started talking about how to keep that momentum going through the year and came up with just creating our own challenges.

We decided that we would scale the challenges back a little from one a day. Though we liked the idea of creating everyday we also realized that we would be setting ourselves up for something that would not be sustainable for a full year. Instead we decided to give each month its own theme and then have a weekly prompt that goes with that theme. For example Starting in January 2020 we will be working under the Monthly theme of Doctor Who and we will have 4 different prompts for the month.

January: Doctor Who:


  • January 1-11th-Doctor(s)
  • January 12-18-Companion(s)
  • January 19-25-Villain(s)
  • January 16-31-Props

We hope that by giving ourselves more time we will be able to create larger pieces of artwork. Though this might not always be the case it is our desire. We hope that you will follow along with us and create with us this next year. If you decide to create with us we would love to see your artwork! We will be using the following hashtags

#CreateWithTheCaptain #CaptainWellsStudios #CWSChallenge2020

So lets do this! I am looking forward to these new challenges!

As always we would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out in the comments or any of our social media sites!