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Asani Paint Pens

I recently had the opportunity to test out Asani paint pens. I had high hopes for these paint pens and for the most part they lived up to those hopes. What I have done is given an over all review and then taken the description from their product page on Amazon and added my testing and thoughts on the pens. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking about purchasing these pens!

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Sketchbooks and Why You Should Keep One

I will honestly say that I was never big on keeping a sketchbook until I got into college. All throughout high school my sketchbooks were part of my homework routine from my art classes. I had the mindset that sketchbooks were only for art assignments or to draw in. Even in my college drawing courses my sketchbooks were only used for the weekly assignments.

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Pébéo Art Fun!

As an artist I love to try new things. I really love to try new art materials and it gets even better if I don’t have to pay or pay very little for those art materials! A local art store decided they would no longer carry the Pébéo line of art supplies and so discounted their remaining products 75% off. Needless to say I picked some up! I have no idea what I am doing and I am pretty sure I am not using these to the best of their abilities but this was fun. My husband who I try to get to create with me actually participated and I think he even had fun! Continue reading Pébéo Art Fun!