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You Really Should Visit An Art Gallery…..Heres Why

Back in High School, I took as many Art classes as I could.  It was in a small school so I really had the same Art class each semester for four years.  I took it upon myself to try a variety of things over the years, but one of my favorite parts of class was the yearly trip to the Sheldon Art Museum in Lincoln, NE.

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Go Make Art!

I am great at making excuses for not producing and practicing my craft. My family needs me, the paint needs to dry, I need to rearrange the studio, oh look I am almost out of paint, I only have 2 hours, I can’t find what I was working on…. and so on and so on! There are many things that can hinder the ability to make art but we either let those hindrances stop us or we find ways to overcome so that we can create! I have put together a few things that have helped me be more proactive in making art. I hope they also help you!  Continue reading Go Make Art!

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Pébéo Art Fun!

As an artist I love to try new things. I really love to try new art materials and it gets even better if I don’t have to pay or pay very little for those art materials! A local art store decided they would no longer carry the Pébéo line of art supplies and so discounted their remaining products 75% off. Needless to say I picked some up! I have no idea what I am doing and I am pretty sure I am not using these to the best of their abilities but this was fun. My husband who I try to get to create with me actually participated and I think he even had fun! Continue reading Pébéo Art Fun!

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Seven Things I Have Learned as an Art Teacher

As I begin my 9th year as a High School Art Teacher, I took some time to look back at all of the experiences I have had along the way.  I am starting this year at my 4th different school district and my 4th different classroom.  I have started unpacking the boxes and the distracted reminiscing that comes with finding old documents and old projects. Although that part is fun, it doesn’t really help me get a good start at my new school.

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Artist in the Making

Now that Heather has had a chance to introduce herself, I will take a swing at it.  I am Aaron, the “Captain” part of Captain Wells.  The origins of that nickname is a long (and old) story that I’m not sure many people remember at this point.  Though there are a significant number of people from college who don’t know my actual name, and just knew me as Captain.

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